The Maple Athletic Complex is open to the public.  Reserve one of our four indoor tennis courts.  Invite a friend to play, or rent an hour with the ball machine.  Permanent court time is also available.
June 1 through Aug 31

Summer Court Fees

$24.00 per hour

Junior/Senior Rate
$22.00 per hour

Sept 1 through May 31

Fall Court Fees

$36.00 per hour (weekdays after 5pm and all-day weekends)

$34.00 per hour (weekdays before 5 pm)

SENIOR RATE (Fall/Winter/Spring)
55 & older, $30 per hour (before 5 pm weekdays ONLY)

JUNIOR STAND-BY RATE (Fall/Winter/Spring)
18 & under, $30 per hour (before 5 pm weekdays ONLY)
Reservations made one hour in advance

Shotmaker Ball Machine

$10 per hour plus court fee

$100 per year for unlimited use 
(plus court fees)

Director of Tennis, USPTA Tennis Professional

Chris Hubbard

Phone: (402) 943-9377

Adult League Coordinator/Permanent Court Time

Landon Arnold or Marcus Kring

Phone: 402-493-2000

Email: or

The Maple Athletic Complex offers private and semi-private tennis lessons by USPTA Certified Tennis Professionals. Arrangements for lessons should be made with the tennis professional. All tennis activities are open to the public.

For more information on programming, call our Director of Tennis, Chris Hubbard at (402) 943-9377 

Group Lessons-Clinics

Private Lessons

Chris Hubbard

  • 1 hour- $72
  • Other Pros
  • 1 hour- $65

Semi-Private Lessons

Chris Hubbard

  • 1 hour- $36 per person

Other Pros

  • 1 hour- $33 per person

Adult and Junior Clinics Offered

The Maple Athletic Complex offers a full schedule of adult leagues, clinics, cardio-tennis sessions, and lessons that are played on its four indoor tennis courts.  

Adult Leagues

Call Landon Arnold or Marcus Kring, Adult League Coordinator, for adult league information.
Office: (402) 493-2000
E-mail: or

We take care of everything, including the subs!

The junior tennis leagues and Varsity Club Combos (fall/winter/spring) provide competitive tennis opportunities for junior players of all levels.  In the summer, Junior Interclub is available for competitive play among the clubs in the Omaha area.

Ball Machine

Use the ball machine for free when you demo a racquet from The Racquet Corner Omaha or from Centre Court. Players will pay applicable court fees only.

Court reservations required- (402) 493-2000.

Join our ball machine club for $100/year.
Court rates:
Non-member- $44 non prime $46 prime
Member- $34 non prime $36 prime

The Tennis Buddies program is a partnership of athletes with disabilities and tennis enthusiasts in Nebraska communities of Omaha, Lincoln and Fremont. This program supplements tennis opportunities provided by Special Olympics Nebraska.

New athletes and buddies are always welcome!

To join as an athlete of volunteer, visit